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March 23, 2020by Brian Hurlburt0

Southern Nevada Golf Association president Kenny Ebalo is an distinguised volunteer and player, and is helping the SNGA and golf adjust during these difficult times during the COVID-19 crisis. Here is his official statement on behalf of the SNGA board of directors.

Dear avid golf community,

We are in an unprecedented era of life at the moment.  For many of us golf is our game, our hobby, our competitive fix and our time away from the stress of everyday life.  As frustrating and as great of a game it is, it is important to remind ourselves that it is just that, a game.

We at the SNGA share your concerns about this terrible crisis that we are all in and hope to conduct golf tournaments as soon as possible.  Our greatest concern continues to be the well-being of everyone involved, and we are respecting the advice of our government health officials and other leaders. We are being very conservative in our approach, but we believe being conservative is best. After all, we are just talking about golf tournaments…

As for now we have chosen to postpone events thru the end of April, but do know, we will only play events when we believe it is safe.  We will continue to monitor the actions taken by the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, USGA and other governing bodies of golf. Please be patient – I can assure you that we are chomping at the bit to resume events.  For now, no one knows when it will be safe to resume organized golf activities. Perhaps May, maybe June.  However, if you know this answer, please let us know!

Going forward:

We are going to attempt to re-schedule as many events that get postponed as possible.  We will work like mad to find a new date or site to play our 1 and 2 day events, major championships and social series.  With the hope that it will be at the original site, but if that’s not possible, somewhere else.  We will also keep the events on the tournament schedule on our website.  The events will remain open for registration, but in a waiting list capacity, so no one will be charged.  This way, we can transition back to running events in a smooth fashion.

We are in constant contact with every golf course in the Southern Nevada region and have compiled a list of places that may still be open.  Check out our webpage to be in the know.  This is a fluid situation, so updates are constant.  Do your best to stay healthy.  If you can go walk nine holes by yourself late in the evening; take only a few clubs – it’s great therapy for stress and it should be safe too. If you want to stay inside or in your yard, might we suggest putting on the tile or carpet or chipping outside.  From what I have seen, outside might be safer!  Maybe re-read the new rules, or maybe watch all the you tube videos you haven’t seen, to work on your game!  Lets take this time be creative in improving our games.

We love conducting golf tournaments and we will play as soon as we can – as long as it is considered safe for everyone, including the people we go home to after the round.  Our staff looks forward to seeing you play again!

The staff is continuing to work hard.  Feel free to reach out to them with all your questions and needs at:      |      email:    |      call: 702-458-4653, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm


Brian Hurlburt

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