Golf StoriesGOLFTEC Pro Delivers At Home Putting Drill with Assist from Toilet Paper Roll (Video)

April 17, 2020by Brian Hurlburt0

During these challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic, there seems to be very little to joke about, but mental health experts have shared that laughter and humor can be great ways to remain in the best spirits possible during the home quarantine. Another way to remain mentally sharp is to maintain some normalcy and even work on ways to improve a passion or hobby. Well, Tim Sam, GOLFTEC Henderson site manager and director of instruction, has combined a little of both with a Putter Face Drill that can be done at home and with a bathroom commodity that has made a lot of news of late …

“Even though we have to stay home right now, that doesn’t mean our golf game has to suffer,” Sam says, even as access to golf courses is on hold at the time of this posting (April 17). “We still have to practice; we still have to get better and I am fired up to take a look at some creative ways to use that time at home to help you improve and pass the time.”

His first video deals with becoming a better putter because it can provide instant and tangible results once we are all back on the course.

“The more you practice the putting, the results will go straight to the bottom line and lower your scores,” Sam says.

Brian Hurlburt

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