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March 5, 2021by Brian Hurlburt0

There’s a friendly, down-home nature about the members of the Boulder City Men’s Golf Association, a group that has been around since the early 1970’s at one of Southern Nevada’s most historic layouts, Boulder City Municipal Golf Course, a tree-lined favorite of many players. The group’s mission even includes the word that is most needed in the world right now. –By Brian Hurlburt, Las Vegas Golf Insider.

The purpose of this Golf Association is to promote friendly meetings and tournaments at the Boulder City Municipal Golf Course Boulder City, Nevada. To aid generally in the advancement of the game of golf. To hold tournaments in the interest of its members and to provide golf handicap information for its members. The Association members shall also be available to provide assistance to the Boulder City Parks and Recreation Department, the Golf Professional, and Green’s Superintendent, if needed.

Friendly, indeed.

The club has been around since B.C. muni was a 9-hole layout and plenty of the group’s rich history is on display in the clubhouse on plaque boards that feature club presidents, hole-in-one club members and club gross champions. And these days, the club also awards a Club net champion.

“The golf course to me is a huge reason to be a part of the men’s club,” says club president Randy Lemos. “The mature fairways offer shade in the summer and it’s just a golf course people like to play and it’s special.”

Even after decades, the club is still active with about 70 members and tournaments are held Friday and Saturday around the middle of the month, and a club championship is held every year with a free luncheon. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions did put a damper on some of the club’s camaraderie, so a goal in 2021 is to add some new members and also begin to host post-round gatherings again.

The club gets guaranteed tee times  for tournaments and is flexible for late dropouts and additions. The annual membership is only $70 and includes a USGA/SNGA GHIN handicap. For those over 80 and a member for at least five years, the membership fee is only $3o.

And due to their friendly ways, all money collected for tournaments is returned in prizes.

Click now for all info at and to join the group and get to play a Southern Nevada golf legend on a regular basis.

Brian Hurlburt

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