Pace of Play Policy



Compliance with pace of play is the player’s responsibility.  Your one and only warning will be from the Starter on the first tee.  During your round, if you feel a fellow-competitor or opponent is unduly delaying your group, it is your responsibility to notify the Committee as soon as practicable.


Checkpoints will be located on the course. Your Starter will inform you of these holes.  A hole is deemed to be completed when the flag stick has been replaced into the hole after all players in a group have completed play of the hole.


The maximum time is defined by the time listed on your scorecard and relates to the official time.  The maximum time includes time spent searching for lost balls, rulings and poor play. Each group is expected to play efficient golf in order to “bank time” throughout the round.  The maximum time may be adjusted by the Committee.


Lead Group – the lead group is out of position if they complete any checkpoint hole over the maximum time.

Following Group – A following group is out of position if they complete any checkpoint hole over the maximum time and is 15 minutes or more behind the group in front (≤14:59 = In Position; ≥15:00 = Out of Position).


If a group completes a checkpoint hole and is out of position, the following penalties may be applied to the hole where the breach occurred. Penalties may be applied without warning.

1st missed checkpoint* – Warning.

2nd missed checkpoint – liable to a one stroke penalty.

3rd missed checkpoint – liable to a two stroke penalty.

4th missed checkpoint – liable to a disqualification.

*If a group clears the 3rd checkpoint and has not missed any other checkpoints, but is out of position at the 4th checkpoint, each player in the group is liable for a one stroke penalty if in the Committee’s view a reasonable effort was not made by the players to complete their round within the allotted time for the final checkpoint.


1) Appeals will only be handled in the scoring area at the completion of the stipulated round. Discussion of missed checkpoints during the round will only cause further delay of the group.

2) Once you have arrived at the scoring area you may submit a written appeal to the Committee before you have exited the scoring area.  If you leave the scoring area for any reason you may no longer submit an appeal.

3) If the group has missed two checkpoints, two separate appeals must be submitted and each will be addressed separately.  In this situation, if the group has a successful review of one of their appeals, the maximum penalty under this policy is one penalty stroke.

4) A review will be successful if there is evidence that the player or group was:

  • Delayed by the Committee
  • Delayed because of a circumstance beyond control of the player or group
  • Delayed because of another player in the group.

NOTE:  Nothing in this policy excludes a player from being assessed the general penalty under Rule 6-7.

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