Champs Thankful for WSNGA, Golf and More

At the annual Women’s Nevada State Golf Association Senior Amateur championship held November 2021 at Boulder Creek, champions who were members of the WSNGA in several divisions were crowned. We caught up with a few to discuss why they are thankful about the WSNGA and golf. It is the Turkey time of year when we reflect on the good things in our lives. –By Brian Hurlburt

First up was 60-69 year old division gross division champion Rusty Beckel, always an upbeat player and person.

“There are so many things that I am grateful for outside of golf so I will limit my comments to your question about golf and the WSNGA specifically,” Beckel said. “When thinking about Golf and the WSNGA and being thankful, a few of things come to mind. First is the incredible ‘community’ of women that are a part of the WSNGA organization and the Southern Nevada golf community at large.  The friendships, care, compassion and humor that exists in this community can’t be measured in words. My heart is filled with gratitude and blessing to be a part of this. Second, I am thankful for the healthy lifestyle obtained through the game of golf and our ability to continue to play during the COVID shut-downs. And last but not least, as an officer of WSNGA, I am thankful for the great pool of talented capable women that volunteer their time to make the WSNGA such a great foundation for women’s golf. These ladies spend their valuable time making our events appeal to a broad base of players offering friendly competition, camaraderie and pursuit of this healthy lifestyle sport. I am thankful to be part of their team. Again, so much to be thankful for and so little space.”

Well said, Rusty.

Also weighing in on the question of “what are you thankful for about golf and the WSNGA?” was Ronda Henderson, a multiple state and WSNGA champ who won the 50-59 year old gross division and finished runner up overall gross division.

“I am thankful for the WSNGA for the golf tournaments it organizes every year, giving us an opportunity to play in a competitive environment,” Henderson said. “I am thankful for golf for the never ending and often mind-boggling journey it takes me on: the all-encompassing passion to improve; the frustration of bad rounds and not meeting my expectations; the sheer elation when I hit a shot exactly as I intended; the thrill of those ever elusive sub-par rounds. But, above all else, I am thankful for the friendships I have made through our mutual love of the game.  And … I am thankful for Brian Hurlburt (and Bill Bowman) for paying attention to and writing about women’s golf in Nevada.”

Well, thank you, Ronda … our pleasure.

Fay Geddes, winner of the 70+ net division, also is thankful some the bonds created in the WSNGA and state association.

“The acceptance and support of such a great group of women. They’re the best.” said Geddes.

The overall Net champ, Vickie Myers said following her win she was thankful to be improving her golf game after almost giving up.

“I was close to giving up golf,” she said. “Then I started with a new instructor (Justin Marsch at Boulder Creek) and he’s helped me turn it around.”

And with that, we all hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we look forward to seeing you on the course in the near future.

Look for more women’s golf coverage and viewpoints from the players in the future.

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