Club Spotlight – Canyon Gate Women’s Association

Many times, golf brings people together and forges friendships. That’s exactly the case for the Canyon Gate Women’s Golf Association. –By Brian Hurlburt,

“A lot of us started out as golfers trying to find our way, and we’ve all just become really good friends and supportive of each other,” says Terri Cleary, the club’s second vice president. “It’s really great to have an avenue like this to be able to create relationships and friendships.”

The club is active throughout the year with events, getaways, the annual member guest and other social and golf outings. The group is currently made up 55 women who are club members.

“What comes to mind about the group is cohesiveness, camaraderie, spirit, and overall support of women’s golf,” Cleary says. “The majority of us are also in the Southern Nevada business women’s group and most of us also belong to at least two or three other women’s groups across the valley. That is just more ways we all promote women’s golf. I think the other thing that is important is that we embrace all ages, all levels, and we just have fun. Yes. We want to win and we’re competitive, but we support one another and just promote having fun. We embrace everyone. I think that’s what I want people to know is that we are a very open, friendly group.”

Several in the group support various charities, including president Jill Morrison and her support of Baby’s Bounty. The mission supports and empowers at-risk families by providing education and the essential tools to ensure a good start for every baby.

Canyon Gate is operated by ClubCorp and the course is a Red Robinson design. Click for more Canyon Gate Country Club information.


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