Club Spotlight – DragonRidge Women’s Association Is Fun On of Off Course

It’s called the DragonRidge Women’s Golf Association but, as president Sherry Jackson is quick to point out, playing golf is not a prerequisite for becoming a member. What is required is a love of the community and the camaraderie that the association offers the women who decide to join. –By Bill Bowman,

“We have about 45 members,” Jackson said. “While some don’t play golf, what we all have in common is we’re all out to make sure everyone is supportive of everyone else and that we all have a good time on and off the golf course.”

The group plays on Wednesdays and Jackson notes the handicap of the players is definitely varied.

“We have everything from a four to a 45 handicap,” she said. “Everyone’s welcome and we all play together. We’re very supportive of everyone and everyone is quick to help the newcomers who may not know all the rules, the etiquette and all that other good stuff.”

She said women who come to join should have little trepidation, no matter their handicap.

“All of us remember being there as a player and worrying about not being very good,” she said. “That’s not the point. The point is to get out there to learn and enjoy the game.”

Jackson added the DragonRidge group is also varied when it comes to backgrounds.

“We definitely have an interesting group,” she said. “We have past CEO’s, professors … just a variety of different ladies.”

But one thing a lot of them have in common is once the round starts, the game is on.

“We play a different game every week,” Jackson said “But we also play a game where we can post a score. And with these ladies, you better bring your ‘A’ game or you’re going to lose some money.”

And for some of the women, it can be a gradual growing process so they don’t have to jump in all at once.

“A lot of the ladies didn’t play much golf when they moved into the community,” Jackson said. “Some of them started in our nine-hole group and then moved into our 18-hole group. It’s just a matter of where they are most comfortable.”

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