Club Spotlight – Las Vegas International Golf Club

It’s truly an international affair when Las Vegas International Golf Club members tee it up. The Southern Nevada Golf Association member club brings players from all back grounds together in pursuit of fun and camaraderie while playing the grand ole game. Now as an SNGA member club since 2020, the club has gone next level.

“At the beginning, most of us in the group were from Mexico and we started calling the group something else in Spanish and then we decided to call it International Golf Club because we have so many members from difference backgrounds,” Menolo Melguizo. “As we brought a lot of new people into golf, tracking the handicaps was a mess. So that is why we decided to sign up with the Southern Nevada Golf Association. Now we have a handicap system, and ever since then it’s been working perfectly because we can compete with each other with higher handicaps, scratch golfers and everybody have fun.”

To join the club or find out more about the more than 90 SNGA member clubs, visit

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