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Combo Tees—The Easy Way to Update Your Course

Keeping a golf course fresh and interesting for regular players doesn’t necessarily require investing in new tee boxes.  The same result can be accomplished by blending tees.  The idea of “Combo Tees” — using two or more sets of tees to add variety to a course’s setup — is probably the easiest way to update a course.  And it’s not something that requires waiting for a special “Red, White, Blue” event or construction project, either!

There are many ways to choose which combination of teeing areas to use.   Some possibilities include switching tees on every other hole, using a different set of tees on short par 3’s, less difficult par 5’s,and/or  longer par 4’s.   Survey your players and find out what they want and how they would like to play the course, and we can help you give them what they want!

Creating a USGA Course and Slope Rating are a fairly simple update for OGA to generate, as we already have the information we need on hand.  It’s a quick process that involves just a few minutes with the computer to pull up all information and make any adjustments.  This is not something we’ll do for golfers, directly.  We’ll only do it by request of the golf course, but often the request is initiated by golfers to course management first.

There’s no need for the course to purchase new tee markers.  If the combo is listed on the scorecard, the player can easily see which tee they are supposed to use.   Temporary, or plain paper, scorecards may be used until the next time you need to print scorecards.  Once we create the combo tees, they’ll automatically be available in GHIN for correct score posting, too.

If you wish to have Course and Slope Ratings for combo tees at your course, here’s what we need (just remember the request can only come from course management):

What is the name for the combo tee?
What is the yardage for each hole?
Is this combo set of tees permanent or temporary?
What date do you need the rating?

Naming your new Combo Tee is up to you.  If there’s only one combo set on the course, you could simply call it “Combo.”   If it’s between the White and Red tees, White/Red works.    Honestly, you could call the combo ‘Bob’ if you’d like — we just need to know what to call it in the National Course Rating Database. We do have one course that tried some cute names for the combos, (Red Fox, Gray Squirrel and the like) but that didn’t last very long.   They went back to the ‘White/Red’ system after just one season.

For yardages, you could send the SNGA a copy of your scorecard with the proper tee box circled, a list of which distances will be used or an Excel spreadsheet with the yardage of each hole.

Is this Combo one that you are going to use for a month, season, year, or is it one you plan to add to the scorecard permanently?

If it’s temporary or a special course setup that is going to be used for one weekend such as Red/White/Blue combo for July 4th, we’ll calculate the Course and Slope Ratings. And if it’s permanent, we’ll also add it to the National Course Rating Database (and GHIN) to make it easier for your customers to post scores as well as send new Course and Slope Rating certificates and Slope charts (Course Handicap Slope Conversion Charts) to reflect the addition of the combo tees.

All we ask is for the courtesy of time and as much advance notice as possible.  Like you, the height of the golf season is our busiest time, so waiting to the last minute stating “I needing the rating tomorrow!” might be very difficult if not impossible to get done.

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