Golf & Glam – 3 Steps to Hit More Fairways

I am enjoying sharing my Golf & Glam Tips with all the SNGA & WSNGA Members! I hope my fashion and golf tips are helping you on and off the course.

Striking your driver and watching it soar down the fairway is such an incredible feeling.  Hitting more fairways and being consistent with your driver takes practice and commitment. People always use the term “Drive For Show, Putt For Dough” I agree, but how you position your drive in the fairway will almost always set the tone for how you will approach the pin and finish the hole.  The ultimate goal is to crush your driver down the fairway and leave yourself a good look at the pin.

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Step 1 | Your alignment is key to hitting the fairway consistently. At address, make sure your feet, shoulders and club face are aimed at your target.

Step 2 |  Try this as a drill. At the top of your golf swing, before pulling the trigger, try and have a slight pause.

Step 3 | The beauty of your downswing is that it allows for you to turn your lower body and rotate your arms powerfully into the ball.

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