Golf & Glam Fashion & Fitness Tips – BOSU Increases Strength, Balance

There is nothing easier and more comfortable than a fitted and stretchy black one-piece. This Mirelle Activewear black jumper is stretchy and super comfy! I can swing and move freely all day on the course.  It is such a universal outfit because I can pair it with a sweater or wear a cute top over it. I can mold this one-piece black jumper into a million outfits and no one would even notice that all the outfits stem from this one universal piece. — Golf & Glam with Seema Sadekar.

My friends at FootJoy spoil me with their comfortable shoes; which I am able to customize and design. One of my favorite and vibrant pairs is my “Seema Style” hot orange LoPro Collection. I paired them with a white Titleist visor to complete this stylish look.

Seema Fitness Tips

The Bosu exercise ball is a favorite equipment piece of mine. There are so many uses for it. I use the Bosu ball for ab and arm exercises, but for golf it also allows me to work on balance.

Step 1.  I am standing on the Bosu ball and winding back with my club.

Step 2.  My thighs and core are strong. I am focused on staying even while winding back, I’m thinking about strength over balance. It is a tough exercise, but it really helps you stay focused on your balance and where your weight balance tendencies are within your swing. This will force you to train your mind and body at the same time.

Step 3.  Try to do three takeaways in a row without falling & then step off and try it on the ground. You will notice a huge difference in core and balance over the ball on the golf course.

Wishing you a great day on the course. Stay strong and keep working towards your goals.

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