Jenkins Has Eye on Course, WSNGA Finances

As we continue our spotlight on the 2022 Women’s Southern Nevada Golf Association executive committee, next up is treasurer Sandy Jenkins, a lover golf golf and an accountant by trade plus a giving volunteer. She has all the attributes needed to help lead the WSNGA. Here’s some of her story. –By Brian Hurlburt, Founder,

“I joined Boulder City Women’s Golf Association in 2000 after moving here from Dallas, Texas, and since I was sporting a 36 handicap, I still had a lot to learn about the game,” Jenkins remembers. “The members of BCWGA were incredibly welcoming and generous with their knowledge of golf. In 2015 I and four other women founded Chimera Women’s Golf Association. The CWGA is now one of the largest member clubs in the valley. I consider both Boulder City and Chimera my home courses. I love competitive golf whether it be Team Play, home club tournaments or state tournaments. To date, my highlight in golf has been winning the Net Championship (along with my partner) in the State Partners Tournament in 2018.”

Jenkins served as treasurer, vice president and president of the Boulder City Club and treasurer at Chimera. Besides serving as treasurer of the WSNGA, she is the 2022 team play co-captain for Chimera.

Jenkins is a native of Southern California and enjoys playing golf with her husband, George. She also operates a successful accounting business and also dabbles in investment properties. She also was a member of the board of directors for 17 years of Keepers of the Wild, a non-profit wildlife park in Arizona. Finding time to serve the WSNGA is a mission she understands and appreciates.

“I am honored to be involved and associated with such dedicated hard-working women such as WSNGA Executive Board,” Jenkins says. “Their commitment toward continuing to advance women’s golf is a goal I want to help achieve. It’s impressive to me how well-run this organization is along with willing volunteers that get the job done.”

As many do, Jenkins also enjoys the camaraderie of golf and hopes other women see the benefit of getting involved with the WSNGA.

“Southern Nevada Golf has given me so much in terms of friendships, education of the game and of course fun,” Jenkins says. “Las Vegas valley is a golf mecca for women. There is something for everyone in terms of friendships, similar golf practices, and commonalities. After all this time, I continue to meet interesting women and form new friendships through golf. I am more than willing to share my experience and knowledge to hopefully help the wheel spin a little smoother. I hope women understand that the WSNGA is a well-oiled machine dedicated to help women enjoy the great game of golf. Whether you want to learn rules, play in competition, make friends or volunteer, WSNGA can help get you where you want to be.”

Jenkins has a couple golf heroes including a local teaching legend who has helped her improve her game. Another is a fellow Boulder City Women’s and WSNGA member.

“On the course and off, Don Callahan (Butch Harmon School of Golf) is dedicated to kindly helping everyone enjoy golf by bettering their game,” Jenkins says. “And Regina Quintero is a very talented golfer who is kind and carries a positive attitude on the course. I learned from her that bad thoughts don’t get us anywhere on the golf course. In many ways, these two people have inspired me to become a better golfer.”

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