Start Your SNGA Member Club

Start Your SNGA Member Club


Golf groups that form an official SNGA Affiliate Club lay a foundation for more satisfying social experiences. You’ll enjoy more outings, activities and events together. And you’ll play more golf!

Golf is fun. Measuring you improvement is even better. Get your competitive juices flowing and compete equitably against fellow club members with your SNGA/USGA Handicap Index

SNGA Benefits
The SNGA provides the information and resources you need to manage your club. Each individual member can also take advantage of a multitude of year-round SNGA playing opportunities and benefits.


What fees are involved with being an SNGA member club?

There are no club dues; the SNGA charges each club $30 per member.

Does our golf group have to be associated with a single golf course?

No, the group/club does not have to be associated with a single golf course. The majority of clubs actually play golf at a variety of facilities. We call groups that are not tied to a single golf course “affiliate clubs.”

Are there limitations to the name of our club?

The club’s name cannot contain “Golf Association”. The SNGA will check to verify there are no duplicates in club names before approving the club.

What exactly is the role of the handicap chair?

The Handicap Chair is a member of the club who will oversee that the club is in compliance with the USGA Handicap System, including peer review. This person will be responsible for educating members about handicapping and ensuring that scoring records are accurate (facilitates corrections on behalf of the club’s members).

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