Langevin, Welsh, Rances, Bronson Win WSNGA Senior/Mid Am Titles

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Carrie Langevin (Gross) and Helen Welsh (Net) won titles in the WSNGA’s Senior Amateur Championship/Mid-Amateur played April 11-12, 2022, on the Mountain Course at Angel Park Golf Club. Maria Rances (Gross) and Brittany Bronson (Net) won Mid-Am titles. –Bill Bowman, Las Vegas Golf Insider staff


Overall Gross

Carrie Langevin admitted the overall winner in the tournament was the weather and the golf course.

But, Langevin posted a solid first-round en route to a two-stroke gross victory.

“It was definitely a tough two days for everyone,” Langevin said. “You could hit it well and still not know where it was going to end up. It was a struggle for sure. I had six layers on and I really wish I could have had more.”

She said her game plan was simple: Keep it in play.

“I really tried to play smart,” she said. “If I got into trouble, I tried to not compound it. I just took my lumps and moved on. In some cases, I laid up or chipped back into the fairway if I was in trouble or didn’t have a clear shot to a green.”

She did look for chances to strike.

“If an opportunity presented itself to be more aggressive on a shot I would take it,” she said.

She said despite trying to play smart, it didn’t always work out.

“The wind would take the ball to places you never thought it would go,” she said.

She added she’s happy to win a title with the WSNGA.

“I actually won a senior amateur for the state of Maine a couple of years ago,” she said. “But this is my first for the state of Nevada and I’m pretty excited.”

Overall Gross

Carrie Langevin, 76-87—163

Debbie Love, 77-88—165

Rusty Beckel, 85-87—172

Overall Net

Helen Welsh put up six net birdies the first day and then hung on for a one-stroke victory in the Net Division.

“It started off well on Monday,” Welsh said. “The wind was forecast to start around 11 and I swear that by 11:07 was when the wind kicked in and the last couple of holes were very, very windy.”

The challenge of playing in the wind continued Tuesday.

“It wasn’t only windy today it was windy and so cold,” Welsh said. “I had on all these layers. It looked like I was ready to go skiing.”

Still, she kept focus on her game.

“I listened to what Tiger says,” she said. “He says the most important shot is the one right in front of you and I believe that.”

She said there was no club in her bag that helped her stay focused. It was simply mind over matter.

“I would just whack the driver and hope for the best,” she said with a laugh. “I just did whatever I could to do to get to the next shot.”

She said her second round wasn’t one to remember.

“I’m not proud of my round today,” she said. “It was a struggle. But I certainly wasn’t alone in struggling. It was just hard to stay focused and concentrate.”

In the end though, she managed to hang on for the win.

“It was a lovely surprise,” she said. “I’m very surprised I managed to win the whole thing.”

Overall Net

Helen Welsh, 71-81—152

Audrey Richmond, 78-75—153

Soyoung Crabb, 76-77—153

Mid-Am Gross

Maria Rances used a string of five pars in a six-hole string to win the Mid-Am Gross title.

“I was just trying to hit the ball low and let it roll,” she said of her plan of attack. “The wind was just crazy out here. The ball just doesn’t go anywhere.”

She said two parts of her game were the keys.

“My drive and my chipping really helped me,” she said. “And the second day I played pretty good. I made a few putts. I was really happy with my game today.”

Mid-Am Net

Brittany Bronson posted seven birdies (five net and two natural) in winning the Mid-Am Net title.


Silver Flight Gross

Carrie Langevin, 76-87—163

Allison Webb, 88-94—182

Tracey Blake, 84-98—192

Silver Flight Net

Helen Welsh, 71-81—152

Elizabeth Bridge, 73-81—154

E Wright, 75-80—155

Gold Flight Gross

Debbie Love, 77-88—165

Rusty Beckel, 85-87—172

Sara Bowman, 89-94—183

Gold Flight Net

Audrey Richmond, 78-75—153

Masako Brown, 73-85—163

Rita Byorick, 83-83—166

Platinum Flight Gross

Karen Herness, 81-92—173

Tomiko Axtell, 92-103-195

Sandra Johnson, 113-117-230

Platinum Flight Net

Soyoung Crabb, 76-77—153

Doe Emes, 83-91—174

Tournament Note: Tracey Blake recorded a hole-in-one during Monday’s first round on the par-3, 15th hole.

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