March Madness Hitting WSNGA Team Play Series

The NCAA men’s and women’s basketball teams aren’t the only ones celebrating March Madness. The WSNGA Team Play series is seeing its own version of madness as teams hit the halfway point in the race for the titles in Overall, Gross and Net divisions. Hang on because like the basketball action, the play is getting intense. –by Bill Bowman, – Photo of Team Chimera Silver.

“For sure it’s starting to feel like March Madness,” said Nancy Lauback, WSNGA Team Play Coordinator. “Everyone’s looking to make a move to make the playoffs. They are really fighting for this one.”

Through the first four events, BC Rock Steady is leading the overall race in the Red Division with 66 points followed by Revere with 63 points and Los Prados with 58.5 points.

In the Blue Division, Oasis has moved into the top spot in the overall standings with 61 points followed by the Business Women with 50 points and Canyon Gate with 46 points.

“We’re moving into the final stretch,” Lauback said. “We’ve got five rounds left and everyone’s still got a chance.”

Now comes the time where the captains can really make a difference.

“Everyone’s jockeying for position to grab as many points as possible,” Lauback said. “The ladies know it’s time to start making their moves.”

And then there’s the game-planning for each outing.

“The captains are really starting to strategize,” Lauback said. “They are trying to figure out whether to try to win the overall, the gross or the net. They are seeing where they are at mid-season and going from there.”

That strategy takes a lot into consideration.

“The captains will look ahead and base their play on the opponents they have coming up and the courses they are playing,” Lauback said. “If different players feel good about a course, the lineups may change. It’s all about making sure to give yourself the best chance to get as many points as possible.”

So while the college basketball version of March Madness will come to an end shortly, the Women’s Team event will stay front and center.

“Everyone’s having a great time and the play is getting more and more intense,” Lauback said. “This is where it’s starting to get fun.”

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