Mentors Inspire Women’s SNGA Volunteer of Year Elizabeth Bridge

While the spotlight shined brightly upon Women’s Southern Nevada Golf Association member Elizabeth Bridge during the Tournament of Champions awards dinner at Spanish Trail recently, she chose to deflect it to those who paved the way for her.

“I owe so much to Sherry Jackson, Sandy Barletta and Rusty Beckel because they were and are wonderful mentors,” says Bridge, the 2022 WSNGA Volunteer of the Year.

Bridge, a Red Rock Country Club member, has served as Siena Women’s golf games chair and VP and also was the VP at Red Rock in 2021-22. Bridge held an MBA in Finance and Certificate in Digital Marketing prior to retiring from consulting when she helped businesses via online marketing and other expertise. She also serves as a WSNGA co-tournament chair with Jackson.

“I started dabbling into golf about 20 years ago, but never improved my game until I moved to Las Vegas in 2017, joined Red Rock Country Club and started taking lessons at Golftec,” Bridge says.  “My handicap has been moving downward in baby steps as I have improved various aspects of my game – but I still have a long way to go.”

She has helped the tournament process through technology, which has been a huge help to the WSNGA and the members (and organizers).

“Women golfers should get involved with the WSNGA because we represent golf for all women in Southern Nevada,” Bridge says. “We have programs for women of all abilities.  New golfers can play in Fun Days – A Fun Day of golf where you simply pick up at double par and move on to the next hole.  Team Play is for women who enjoy match play team events competing with other teams around the area.  And of course, our majors, where the best of the best come out to play and compete with other women in our area.”

Bridge says those close to her are who she admires.

“My golf heroes are all local,” Bridge says. “At my Red Rock, I admire the low handicap women who encourage and play with women of all abilities – such as Tammy Espinosa and Julia Choi.  I admire Sandy Barletta who has taught me everything that I know about Golf Genius.  And, of course, I admire Sherry Jackson, from whom I am learning everything about running WSNGA tournaments as well as the deep history of the organization.”

Bridge also enjoys playing golf with her husband, Thomas, in addition to her time playing in her women’s groups.

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