North, South Partnership Proves a Winning Formula

Everyone knows there is a bit of a rivalry in pretty much anything when it comes to Northern and Southern Nevada. But at the 2022 Nevada State Women’s Partners, Regina Quintero and Ruth Maxwell showed how we can all get along by earning the gross title. –By Brian Hurlburt,


Quintero is from the Southern Nevada Golf Association and Maxwell is from the Northern Nevada Golf Association, and the two rolled to a 9-shot victory over Tania and Susan Blu. The duo fired a 69 in the final round to separate from the pack.

“I thought right away that this would be a good team,” Quintero says. “I’ve seen Ruth play in a lot of competitive situations and have always been impressed with her course management and calm demeanor. When I knew that Ronda Henderson would not be able to play, and I would be looking for a partner IF I was going to play in the State Partners, I started to think about a possible team. I was lucky that Ruth happened to be thinking the same thing and sent a text message after she saw that I was able to play again. I don’t think I could have come up with a better partner if we were looking to be in the top spot.”

Quintero says she believed a North/South partnership could be successful.

“I’ve always thought that a North/South partnership would be great,” Quintero says. “I’m originally from the North but have been in the South since 1982. I like seeing the camaraderie between all players from the State of Nevada, even though there is always that competitive situation between the North and South. I think it always makes for great competition.”

Maxwell is from tiny Round Mountain, but has a big game and the duo worked well together. Round Mountain is North of Tonopah.

“It’s kind of a crazy situation because I don’t know how many people have even heard about the course at Round Mountain, but I have actually been there and played the course,” Quintero says. “I am just happy that Ruth thought about me as a possible partner for the tournament, and I am more than happy to be in that situation.”

Anything is truly possible when a Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada team can come out on top.

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