Oasis Women’s Golf Association Going Strong in Mesquite

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The Oasis Women’s Golf Association in Mesquite has been around for more than a quarter of a century. For DeAnn Oslowski, former president and now the advisor to the current president, Xana Brice, the reason for the longevity and success is simple: “We’re all here for the love of golf and a great social experience,” she said. –Bill Bowman, Las Vegas Golf Insider staff

The association has more than 100 members and Oslowski said around 50 to 60 play in Tuesday’s league competition. But most, if not all, play often on one of the two Oasis Golf Club layouts–the Palmer and the Canyon courses.

“The courses give us a lot of variety and we alternate between the two courses,” Oslowski said. “We have our league play every Tuesday and always have games as well every week. We have low net and low gross and all are flighted so even if you’ve got a 30 handicap, you can still be competitive.”

As far as age is concerned, Oslowski said everyone is invited to join if you’re a member of the Oasis Golf Club.

“Our players range in age from late 40s all the way up to, well, we have 80-year-olds playing,” she said. “And we’ve got really good golfers and some that are just starting out, so everyone’s welcome.”

Oslowski said the head pro at the Oasis, Adam Schwartz, deserves a lot of credit for the success of the women’s group.

“He’s very supportive of our group,” she said. “We have our weekly outing and he also works with us when we have special events and tournaments. He really makes sure we are a successful group.”

Oslowski added with 2022 getting in high gear, it’s great to be back to nearly normal conditions.

“It was tough when COVID hit,” she said. “We couldn’t gather and that wasn’t good. Gathering after golf is just a great social event that really lets everyone get to know everyone else.”

Some in the group also make road trips as part of the WSNGA Team Play event in Las Vegas and Oslowski said the group welcomes the challenge.

“It’s a great golf experience,” she said. “We get the chance to travel to Las Vegas to play the team event and play against great teams and on a variety of courses.”

If you’re a member of the Oasis Golf Club and looking for a group to join, check in with the pro shop for information on how to join the Oasis Women’s Golf Association.

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