Official Member Club Spotlight – Kirby Golf Association

There are 16,000 Southern Nevada Golf Association members, and many belong to official member clubs. Here is the first in a series of SNGA Spotlights we will shine on these fun, social and meaningful member clubs. And, now, introducing the Kirby Golf Association (KGA), a club that has improved and grown since utilizing all aspects of the partnership with the SNGA.

The KGA was created by Todd Kirby in 2017 and a couple golfing buddings. In the beginning, it was a complicated process of keeping tracking of everything, but becoming an official SNGA member club allowed Kirby to utilize all of the tools available and simplify operations and grow the club.

“Todd forming his own SNGA member club both made his life easier and allowed the KGA to grow like it has,” says Tim Brand, SNGA asst. executive director and a KGA members. “Todd and I have discussed this in length. Before the KGA was an SNGA member club, Todd ran his group the way many small groups are run. Todd would send out a group email, people would reply to that email and Todd would keep track of everything on a spreadsheet. It was very time consuming and with that many emails, players were getting missed or left out frequently. I chatted with Todd a few times during that time and he expressed how it was taking up too much of his time. That is when I convinced him to start his own member club so he could get his own version of Golf Genius and take the majority of the leg work with signups off his plate.”

Today, club operations are smooth and the KGA has expanded to include season-long points races and much more.

Here’s to the KGA and enjoy the video.

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