Prestigious Senior, Mid Am Events Played Together In April

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While they are two separate events, each are prestigious and both the WSNGA Senior Am and the Mid Am are scheduled to be played April 11-12 at Angel Park Golf Club. For the Senior Am, golfers must have turned 50 by the first day of the event while for the Mid Am, golfers must have turned 25 by the first day of the event. Here’s more.


Kim Braaten (gross) and Shayna Bott (net) won titles in the inaugural Women’s Mid-Amateur event, while Regina Quintero (gross) and Linda Cartwright (net) claimed Senior Amateur championships.  There were other net champion winners. Click to view the complete story now.

The year 2021 marked the first WSNGA Mid-Amateur in history, and a new tradition has been created for top women Southern Nevada amateurs.

“It’s really nice to be the first winner,” Braaten said. “It’s definitely special. I’m glad they added this event and hopefully it will continue to grow. I’m also thankful that the WSNGA is giving us more chances to play. Women’s golf in the valley is in a good place right now. … It’s great that they added this event and I am grateful to the WSNGA.”

Be sure to mark your calendars and get your registration and become part of WSNGA history.

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