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For golfers over the age of 50 looking for a little competition and lot of fun and social activities, the Nevada State Seniors Golf Club might be the perfect organization to join. Interested golfers can visit the official Southern Nevada Golf Association website at, or the official Club website for more information or call the NSSGC at 702.982.2896 or email the Club at

More about the NSSGC:
Just like an Energizer battery, the Nevada State Seniors Golf Club (NSSGC) keeps on ticking. Or should we say, keeps on golfing. This historic and close-knit group of golfers over the age of 50-years old enters its fifth decade as an official organization with eyes on the future but a deep appreciation to its membership and leadership that have worked together to organize and hold a monthly golf tournament for 40-straight years.

And you thought Tiger Woods’ all-time record streak of making the cut in 142-straight PGA TOUR tournaments was impressive. “We have always had a dedicated group of leaders and members who are committed to promoting senior golf and keeping our deep history and tradition alive,” said Earl McMullen, president of the group. “People know that when they join our club that we aren’t going anywhere and we look forward to continue our streak for many decades to come.”

The NSSGC hosts individual and two-player team tournaments varying from one to three days in length throughout the year both in Las Vegas and surrounding golf destinations. The annual tournament schedule is highlighted by the annual 3-day event at Sky Mountain Golf Course in Utah which also features a social element in addition to the golf competition.

While having fun and spending time with golfing friends is a major part of the NSSGC experience, the Club leaders also take their role of hosting fair and equitable tournaments very seriously. The ongoing issue of continual sandbagging golf handicaps won’t be tolerated in this group.

“We maintain handicaps of our members from the tournaments they play with us and compare it to their USGA handicap to eliminate as many issues as we can,” said McMullen. “Our tournaments are net events and it is very important to our committee to ensure that everyone has a fair and equitable chance to compete.”

The Club bylaws were created in 1974 by the nine founding fathers. The club’s mission statement was the following: “The purpose of the club is to encourage friendly meetings and tournaments for senior male and female golfers residing in the State of Nevada and neighboring states and to hold an annual Club Championship”.

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