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Southern Nevada Golf Association for Business Women
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Membership details:
A $55 annual membership fee includes USGA Handicap and ability to participate in all club activities. Pro-rated fees occur throughout the year.

The Club:
Every day is ladies day for the always busy Southern Nevada Golf Association for Business Women. This grass roots club is a perfect spot for golfers of all levels and those who like to combine a little golf with a little business. The old adage is, “Business is done on the golf course”, and this is a perfect organization for networking and honing your skills for that next big work-related match or charity event. Fore!

Club Objectives:

  • Promote good fellowship among professional and business women through the game of Golf.
  • Be a member in good standing of the Women’s Southern Nevada Golf Association (WSNGA).
  • Improve your golf skills and enhance knowledge of the rules of golf and golf etiquette.
  • Establish and maintain golf handicaps for its members.
  • Facilitate networking in the business community.

Club Activities:
The Club meets the second Tuesday evening of each month at Charlie’s Lakeside on the corner of
Durango and Sahara. Members and visitors are encouraged to attend. Discussions are held about
current business of the club, upcoming tournaments and “play days” which are available to the
membership. Reviews of the rules of golf is also part of the meeting. This is a social opportunity to make new friends and to network through the game of Golf.

Golf outings are scheduled 3 times per month on Saturday or Sunday, on a rotating basis at various local Golf courses (location determined by availability).

  • Jan Hansen
    SNGA Board of Director

    Club Affiliation
    Southern Nevada Golf Association for Business Women

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