The Welcoming Boulder City Women’s Golf Association

The Boulder City Women’s Golf Association checks off all the boxes if you’re looking to join a club. Good players? You bet…some with plus handicaps. Challenging golf course? Yep…Boulder City Golf Course is one of the oldest in the Vegas area and also will test players. Friendly membership? Absolutely. Need any more reason to join? Well, they’ve got them. –by Bill Bowman, Las Vegas Golf Insider staff.

The Boulder City Women’s Golf Association, which was formed in 1974, has a membership of around 100 women–and that number is on the rise.

“We’re one of the fastest growing associations in the area,” said Sandy Jenkins. “A couple of our players are plus-handicaps and that encourages a lot of others to try and play against some of the best players around.”

Jenkins, who has been a member for 20 years, is a past president, a past vice-president and the treasurer more than once. “You name it, I’ve done it,” she said with a laugh.

Lynne Miller, the current president, added the group is just a fun-loving bunch of women who love their golf.

“It’s a great group of ladies,” she said. “We even have ladies who drive all the way over from Summerlin to play. We’ve got a diverse group when it comes to handicaps but the one thing is we’re all competing against the course.”

Ah, yes, the course. The group’s home course, Boulder City Golf Course, proves to be an ideal setting for the ladies. “It’s a good challenge but it’s fair,” she said. “And it’s reasonably priced.”

Jenkins pointed out that everyone is welcome. “We have a woman in our league who is in her 90s and still plays 18 holes every Tuesday, our play day, and is a really decent golfer,” she said.

Jenkins said a main reason for the association’s success is simple. “A lot of friendships have been formed through the group,” she said. “The group just has a great time.”

The association isn’t just for golfers. “We also have a few social members who don’t play golf but come out to help with our invitational and other festivities,” Jenkins said.

Miller said if you’re still on the fence about taking the leap and joining, they have a solution.

“Come and join us as a visitor,” she said. “You can play as a guest two times before you join in so come over, play the course, meet the ladies and then form your own opinion.”

For more information, call or text Peggy Allesee, membership chairperson, at 702.930.4550 or email her at

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