What is a Mid-Amateur? SNGA Holds Both Men, Women Events

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It can be confusing trying to determine the differences between all of the requirements when it comes to mid ams and senior ams. Well, here is your breakdown as we close in on both the Women’s SNGA mid and senior amateur events to be played concurrently April 11-12 at Angel Park.

A mid amateur is open to female golfers aged 25 or older as of the first day of the event. This is the same qualification for men.

The senior amateur is open to any female golfer that is age 50 by day one of the event.  For men, a golfer must have turned 52 on or before October 27, 2022, the date of the SNGA senior amateur.


“We now are providing another event in which these younger players can feel challenged,” says Sherry Jackson, WSNGA co-tournament chairperson. “Most of the ladies who play in our events are older–much greater than 25–and our course setups reflect it. I’m sure these mid-am players will enjoy a tougher setup and playing with ladies that are closer to their age. We have some senior players who will probably sign up and will give these youngsters a run. It will be fun to watch.”

Click for a complete breakdown and video of the 2021 WSNGA mid and senior ams

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