Our Mission
The Women’s Southern Nevada Golf Association (WSNGA) is a voluntary non-profit organization founded to represent, promote, and serve the best interests of women’s golf in Southern Nevada. The organization is the official representative of the AGA in Southern Nevada.

About Us

Ladies, start your golf carts.

Any woman golfer in Southern Nevada with a United States Golf Association GHIN handicap established through an area course or club is not only a member of the Women’s Southern Nevada Golf Association but also the SNGA as a whole.

You are eligible for all member benefits including on and off the course discounts, membership in the GreenSaver and Affinity Travel programs and much more.

The WSNGA coordinates a yearly tournament schedule open to WSNGA members on the local and state level for women amateurs. There is also a Team Play competition for member clubs that competes in the spring. Team Play is a great way to play golf at multiple facilities and make new friends.

The WSNGA services its members by providing:

  • Rules officials, starting and scoring if needed for tournaments.
  • Coordinates Team Play competition among participating clubs.
  • Provides results of tournaments to the local media that are interested in women’s golf in Southern Nevada.
  • Publishes an Officer Handbook for the member clubs that contain an annual schedule of events, club officer and champion listings and WSNGA information.

Who We Serve
The WSNGA is presently made up of 20 member clubs and over 2,000 members who have established USGA handicaps through one of our participating clubs.

WSNGA History

Women’s golf has a deep history in Southern Nevada, from amateur legends such as Helen C. Cannon to professional major championships being decided in Las Vegas (LPGA Championship from 1961-66 at what is now Las Vegas National where Hall of Famer Mickey Wright won the event three times).

The Women’s Southern Nevada Golf Association (WSNGA) proudly carries on this tradition by offering a tournament schedule for top championship division players and also the net division players plus flights for all ages. The WSNGA also works to organize Women’s Nevada State Golf Association tournaments in Southern Nevada and Northern Nevada and oversees prestigious team events including the Silver Cup that pits the North vs. the South. The WSNGA also helps organize team play events throughout area clubs and other special play days. Off the course, the WSNGA offers two annual scholarships to female golfers looking to pursue a college education.

Executive Board Members

WSNGA Bylaws

Meeting Minutes

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