Multi-Member Rebate

Multi-Member Rebate

The Southern Nevada Golf Association is pleased to offer a Multi-Member Rebate Program for any members who belong to more than one club in Southern Nevada.

This program is being implemented to more equitably allocate costs among members. While there are hard costs associated with the administration of every club in our membership (including course rating, score posting equipment, software and support), some costs such as USGA fees, seminars and educational programs are more related to individuals, and charging the full $36 for each club membership seems excessive. Therefore, we are offering a $24 rebate for a member’s second and subsequent memberships at SNGA member clubs.

Membership and rebate policies are as follows:

Member Dues
Individuals are required to pay full SNGA member fees to each of their clubs.

Club Billings
Clubs will be required to pay full member fees for each activated player on their roster at the time of association billing, regardless if the player is also a member of another club.

Rebate Requests
Rebate requests may only be submitted by the individual member, either online or by mail between March 1 – December 1. The rebate request must include:
+ Member Name, home address, e-mail address, and phone number
+ GHIN Number

Rebate Payments
Rebate checks will be issued beginning October 1, provided full payment has been
received from each of the member’s active clubs. This is to maximize time for all clubs to remit payment on invoices.

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