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Beautiful tropical beach front hotel resort with swimming pool, sun-loungers and palm trees during a warm sunny day, paradise destination for vacations


close-up view of young woman renting a car with her mobile phone. All screen graphics are made up.

Car Rentals

Restaurant reserved table sign with places setting and wine glasses ready for a party


Friendly seller of clothing store giving shopping bags to satisfied female customer. Fashion store owner handing over the shopping bag to a female customer at checkout counter.


Rollercoaster railroad car no people testing track high to the sky roll bend and twist for exciting fun people at theme park during Coronavirus(Covid-19) pandemic

Theme Parks

Multiracial women doing yoga exercise with social distance for coronavirus outbreak at park outdoor - Healthy lifestyle and sport concept

Health & Beauty

How it Works

Access discounts are available in private networks, such as the SNGA, and allow members to receive
discounts and savings. As a member of SNGA you have access to more than 700K discounts that
includes everything from travel, to dining, and shopping.

Sign up by visiting:
Enter you GHIN Number for Your Member ID when asked

How to Enjoy My Deals with SNGA Access Discounts

Wait for your Welcome Email or go to

Click on the Sign Up Button in the upper right and use your GHIN number for your Member ID

Save on Deals for Hotels, Stores, Dining and Special Attractions

Download the My Deals app to give you even easier access to your deals.

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