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The Southern Nevada Golf Association administers several regional championships and shares in the responsibility of administering USGA qualifiers and Nevada State Championships with the Northern Nevada Golf Association.

Nevada State Championships

The Nevada State Golf Association (jointly operated by the Southern and Northern Nevada Golf Associations) conducts state championships including the Nevada State Amateur, Mid-Amateur, and Senior Amateur.  Match play championships include the Nevada State Scratch Match Play and the Net Amateur.  It also administers the bi-annual Cobb-Whalen Cup and Oliver Cup Team Matches.  To compete in a Nevada State Championship, a golfer must be a member of either the NNGA or SNGA.


What Are the State Championships?

Nevada State championships include the Nevada State Amateur, Nevada State Scratch Match Play, Nevada State Mid-Amateur, Nevada State Senior Amateur, Nevada State Net Amateur, Cobb-Whalen Cup and Oliver Cup.  A competitor must be 25 or older to compete in the Mid-Amateur and 50 years of age or older to compete in the Senior Amateur.

Who is eligible to play in Nevada State championships?

Only members of the Southern Nevada Golf Association (SNGA) or Northern Nevada Golf Association (NNGA) can register for Nevada State Championships.

How do I know if I am an SNGA or NNGA Member?

If you obtain your USGA Handicap Index at a course or club in Nevada, AND your Handicap Index is computed by GHIN — then you are a member of either the SNGA or NNGA.

May Women Play in State Championships?

Only Men may play in Nevada State championships.  Comparable championships for Women are administered by the NSWGA (Nevada State Women’s Golf Association.  Click Here for more information about the NSWNGA.

May Juniors Play in State Championships?

Yes.  Juniors must 13 years of age or older.

Do I need to qualify to play in State Championships?

It depends on the Championship.  Competitors in the Nevada State Amateur and Nevada State Scratch Match Play are selected both off the points lists, past results as well as from qualifiers.  The SNGA typically holds qualifiers for the Nevada State Amateur at the Southern Nevada Amateur and for the Nevada State Scratch Match Play at a designated Medalist Tour event (an additional entry fee applies for those that are interested in either qualifier).

The Nevada State Mid-Amateur and Net Amateur are currently on a first-come, first served basis.

Cobb-Whalen and Oliver Cup Team members are selected from the applicable points lists from their respective associations.

 What can I win?

In addition to bragging rights, NSGA championships award trophies to winners.  All players also are awarded points toward player of the year honors in their respective divisions in their respective regional golf association.  All prizes conform to the rules of Amateur Status.

Are their different Rules for NSGA events?

USGA Rules apply to all Nevada State Championships, but there are policies that are specific to the NSGA.  Click here for the NSGA Tournament Binder.

How do I register?

Registration is handled by the respective association administering that year’s championship.  If the championship is held in the SNGA region, registration is online at  If the championship is held in the NNGA region, registration is at

When will my credit card be charged or my check deposited when I enter an event or events?

Your card will be charged when your entry is approved, typically following the closing date for entries.  Once events have filled, players will be placed on a waiting list in the order your entry was received.  If a space in the field opens, the player that is moved from the waiting list into the field will be charged at that time.  If a space does not open, players on the waiting list not be charged and any checks or cash sent or received at the SNGA Office will be returned to the player.  Players can view see the current list of approved players (as well as the order of those on the waiting list) by clicking the “participant” link to the right of each event.

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