Post A Score

The new GHIN is online! You must update your old GHIN app to be able to access score posting. ™

Easy Score Posting

Post your score online now by going to Enter your last name and GHIN number to access your posting history.

IMPORTANCE OF POSTING YOUR SCORE HOLE-BY-HOLE: Posting your scores Hole-by-Hole ensures that your Net Double Bogey Maximum for each hole will be calculated correctly and removes any chance of a calculation error. Please use the Hole-by-Hole posting option whenever possible.

Mobile App Ease

The new GHIN App has been released! You must update the app in order to access the new posting experience.

1. Open the app store (Android or Apple) and search GHIN Mobile (the official app of the Golf Handicap and Information Network), a USGA service.

2. Download app that offers a personalized SNGA mobile experience and allows you to manage and follow your game.

Play Golf and Score Well …
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