Member Club Spotlight – Historic Valley View Golf Club

Since 1958, the Valley View Golf Club–an official Southern Nevada Golf Association member club– has been making history. The group has been changing the game for decades and fulfilling the vision of founders  George Simmons, Woodrow Wilson, Willie Punch Hughes, Jimmy Bell, Johnny Libert, herb Mills, Jim Whitley, Jim Smith, Roosevelt Leaks and Jim Gatlin.
Some six decades later, the Valley View Golf Club is going strong. Plus, the group was inducted into the Las Vegas Golf Hall of Fame.

Valley View’s membership is now a thriving group of diverse golfers, comprised of multiracial and multicultural backgrounds. The play days and major tournaments are a highlight.
Valley View also has a deep history of promoting and supporting young golfers with a junior golf program. High school, college and professional golfers have come up with the program
The Valley View Golf Club is what golf is all about and how it can bring worlds together. For more information, visit
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