Spotlight on Chimera Women’s Golf Association

For Jackie Miller, president of the Chimera Women’s Golf Association at Chimera Golf Club in Henderson, there are a couple of big reasons there are 110 women who have joined the group. Read on to find out the reasons and how to become involved. –By Bill Bowman,

“We have a very playable golf course for players of every level,” she said. “And it’s just such a fun group of women who enjoy golf and want to have fun.”

End of story, right? Well, not quite.

“There’s just such a wide variety of women in the group,” Miller added. “There are all different ages and all different skill levels from very low handicaps to high handicaps. The main thing everyone has in common is growing the game of golf.”

But Miller said there’s also a competitive edge to the group as members compete in state-wide and local events.

The Chimera group formed in 2015 and came about in an unusual way.

“Five women from the Boulder City club were playing at Chimera and the owner talked to them and asked if they would consider helping start a women’s group here,” Miller said. “They did a bang-up job of it and now women from all over the valley come here to play.”

The group plays on Thursdays with shotgun starts. The group tees off early in the summer and later in the winter.

The shotgun starts let everyone get together after the round.

“We get the chance to have some food, talk about the great shots we hit and have some laughs,” Miller said. “It’s just a great way to meet new people.”

And Miller said you just never know who you might be paired with during any round.

“Everybody plays with everybody else during the year,” Miller said. “We have some very impressive women who started Chimera who still play with us. There are players who work for the WSNGA, the USGA and just a lot of impressive women from all different fields. It’s a very inclusive group and everyone does a little bit to move the club forward in a positive way.”

The group also puts on five majors per year with two benefiting area charities and enters two teams in the WSNGA Team Play series.

Feeling a little intimidated? Miller said not to worry.

“We introduce new players to the group before we play and they are matched the first time out with more experienced members who know the course a little better,” she said. “We just want to make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable with the group.”

In the end, Miller said once women check out the group, they will be hooked.

“Just come and play with us, you’ll never leave,” she said with a laugh. “Everyone here is so welcoming and the course is challenging yet playable.”

For more information on the Chimera Women’s Golf Association, check out the website at or call or text Miller at 702.296.0322.

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