WSNGA Team Play Squads Making Final Playoff Push

Like the upcoming Kentucky Derby, the teams in the WSNGA Team Play series are all jockeying for position to earn playoff spots. The top team in each section for the Red and Blue divisions–overall, gross and net–will move on to the playoffs, which are set for May 22-23, 2023, in Mesquite.  –by Bill Bowman,

With the regular season winding down, there’s still time for teams to make a homestretch run.

“The captains are all paying attention to everything,” said Nancy Lauback, WSNGA Team Play Coordinator. “They all know where they stand, who they are playing coming up and know what they need to do to try and capture one of the playoff spots.”

Here are the leaders with just three weeks remaining before the playoffs. A reminder that teams can only advance to the playoffs in one category:

Red Division

Overall: BC Rock Steady, 96 points; Los Prados, 88.5 points; Las Vegas Golf Club, 82 points.

Gross: BC Rock Steady, 69 points; Los Prados, 47.5 points; Las Vegas Golf Club, 43 points.

Net: Anthem, 44.5 points; Los Prados, 41 points; Las Vegas Golf Club, 39 points.

Blue Division

Overall: Business Women, 93.5 points; Canyon Gate, 77.5 points; Red Rock, 74.5 points.

Gross: Business Women, 49.5 points; Canyon Gate, 42 points; Red Rock 41.5 points.

Net: Business Women, 44 points; Wildhorse, 38.5 points; Canyon Gate, 35.5 points.

“Now it’s a strategy game,” Lauback said. “If a team doesn’t think it can capture the playoff spot in the overall division, they will set up to try to capture the gross side or the net side. The one thing is everyone wants to be in the playoffs.”

Lauback added there are no certainties when it comes to making the playoffs.

“There are still a lot of teams in the running to make the playoffs,” she said. “With three rounds left, the captains are trying to figure out lineups that will get them the most points possible. There are a maximum of 24 points available for teams each week so there can be a lot of changes in the last three weeks.”

Teams know there is pressure as the regular season winds down.

“It’s not just a team that you may be chasing you have to worry about,” Lauback said. “There are teams that are also chasing you and looking at the best way to move ahead of you and maybe into the playoffs. It’s going to be an exciting finish.”

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